Why Understand Quran?

Quran is a book of Guidance, mere reading without understanding, would not guide us. Allah s.w.t would surely reward us for recitation of Quran but we would not know what Allah s.w.t demands from us, and this revelutionary book cannot bring revolution in our lives without us understanding it.

Objectives of reading Quran

  1. Rewards from Allah s.w.t for every letter we recite;
  2. Quran a source of heavenly knowlegde and hikma(حكمة);
  3. Quran is a cure of heart, mind and body;
  4. Quran is a word of Allah s.w.t, so when we read Quran, it is as if Allah s.w.t is talking to us.


Why Learn Online?

Flexible Schedule: Students can have lessons at any suitable time. This means that parents, working students, and professionals can benefit from our online lessons, any time they are available.Time and Money Saving: By taking online lessons, you save the time and money that you spend,  to and from the learning place.


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Learnquranicarabic.org online courses provide the perfect learning opportunity for anyone with a need for distance learning. I always wanted to learn to read and understand Quran but my  hectic work and personal schedule wouldn’t allow me. Alhamdulliah I’m enjoying my Quranic lessons.

Muhammad Ibrahim, NEW JERSEY, USA

“I love online classes because I can learn Quran from home. I have more time to spend with my 3 year old son because I don’t have to commute to Mosq which also saves money because I don’t have to spend it on gas. My teachers have been very helpful. I have learned so much, and would  recommend online learning to anyone!”

Aisha Mustafa, LONDON, UK

“We tried many teachers online, but their English was not good, we had communication problems. Teachers at learnquranicarabic.org have very good communication skills, my three boys are learning Quran and we’ve been very satisfied Alhamdulillah!”

Ali Ahmed, NEW YORK, USA